Body Work:

Swedish Massage This massage will stimulate your circulation, loosen tight muscles, soothe sore muscles and ease away tension. 30mins, 60mins, and 90mins.

Deep Tissue Massage A technique used to restore the connective tissue to its natural state, re-educated damaged tissue, restore flexibility and functionality to the muscles and aid in reducing chronic pain. 30mins, 60mins, and 90mins.

The Spa Signature Massage Our signature massage is an interactive manipulation of the body combining both Swedish and deep tissue techniques, passive stretching and gentle pressure along energy lines. Creates a yin and yang balance, resulting in the release of tension and toxic material from the joints, muscles, and connective tissue.
60mins, and 90mins.

Pre-Natal Massage Escape with this therapeutic massage, which helps soothe aches and pains due to pregnancy. The side-lying position provides a comfortable, safe, and effective means of achieving total relaxation. The results range from a decrease in muscle tension and leg cramps, to increased circulation. 60 mins.

Massage Therapy:


Swedish Massage

This light massage provides relaxation for the mind and body.

• 30 minutes - $50 • 60 minutes - $75 • 90 minutes - $105


Deep Tissue Massage

The use of strong deep stokes release tension and chronic pain.

• 30 minutes - $65 • 60 minutes - $90 • 90 minutes - $125


Spa Signature Massage
Indulge yourself by taking you massage to the next level. The use of aromatherapy unique therapeutic and relaxing massage.

• 60 minutes - $105 • 90 minutes - $135


Hot Stone Massage
Native American therapy combing warn basalt lava rocks with gentle massage to relax and de-stress the muscle tissue and the mind.
• 60 minutes - $115


Sport Massage • 60 minutes - $90


Pregnant Massage • 60 minutes - $95


Body Scrub • 60 minutes - $95


Body Wrap • 60 minutes - $115




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